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Mike Arroyo: Bio

Jazz guitarist, composer and arranger Mike Arroyo is from Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. When Mike was 8 years old his parents bought him his first guitar. When he was 15 years old, Mike started music lessons at the Lino Padró Rivera High School in his home town of Vega Baja. Mike would carry his guitar along with his school books. Mike’s twin brother also attended Lino Padro Rivera High School, however, he carried a five-doubled-string instrument called "Cuatro". Mike and his twin brother's deep love for music was inspired by their parents Elvy and Rev. Antonio Arroyo. Mike said his father went, “Straight To Heaven” when he passed away. His parents not only sowed seeds of deep love for music, but strong love for the true Creator of music, God. Mike studied at both the Conservatory of Music, and at the Interamerican University of P.R. He studied guitar with guitarist-teachers Georgina Olmo, Dr. Jorge Pastrana, Tony Marrero, Fernando Mattina, Jody Fisher and Charlie Banacos. Mike is considered a pioneer in the sacred music scene in Puerto Rico.

In 2001, Mike recorded his first musical production "Straight To Heaven", using the jazz genre as a venue to praise, and exalt God. He is credited to be the first Christian-jazz guitarist to organize a "Christian Jazz Night Concert" with the assistance of Puerto Rican pianist Luis Marin and trumpet player Jochi Rodriguez.

In 2003, Mike finished his second musical production "My Jazzy Mood" with the collaboration of some of the best international musicians such as John Benitez, Alon Yavnai, Richie Flores, Jason Lidner, Gene Jackson just to name a few.

2004 was full of great accomplishments for Christian-jazz guitarist Mike Arroyo. Mike graduated Cum Laude from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. He also had the privilege to study with guitarist-educator Jody Fisher at the National Guitar Workshop in Chicago, Illinois. Mike was also nominated and won the first edition of the "Century Music Latin Award", as the best album and new artist in the sacred-jazz genre in Puerto Rico.

Mike continued with his pioneer work in 2005 by holding his second "Christian Jazz Night Concert” in Puerto Rico, with Latin/jazz musicians John Benitez, Angel David Matos, Roberto Jimenez, Pedro Bermudez, Robert Cancel, Millie Laracuent, Angel Perez and Manny Arroyo. This concert is available on DVD. Mike received the "Paoli Award" in the category of the best Christian-instrumental Album in 2005.

In 2006 Mike became the Pastor of The Breñas Community Church, IDDPMI, in Vega Alta P.R.; where he was raised. Also in this year Mike was nominated by My People Latin Award in P.R.

In 2007 he started recording his new CD project "Street Jam" in New Jersey. In 2008 Mike and his group was honored to play at The Hartford Ct. Jazz Fes, along with Nick Collione, Jeff Lobber, Dana Lauren, Giacomo Gates, Ray Blue, Kendrick Oliver.

In 2009 Mike released his 3rd CD "Transition". He uses the jazz genre to praise the Lord and deliver Peace, Love and Joy to those who listen to him at churches, clubs, hotels and other venues. Some of the musicians he has played with are: Bobby Grozser, Tony Marrero, Jorge Marrero, John Benitez, Alon Yavnai, Richie Flores, Christos Rafalidez, Jason Lindner, Steve Hass, Gene Jackson, Dominic Lalic, Duduka de Fonseca, Oscar Stagnaro, Felipe Salle, Pedro Bermudez, Luis Marin, Jochi Rodriguez, Angel David Mattos, Jimmy Rivera, Roberto Jimenez, Velez Brothers, Hershell Rosario, Ronchi, Konkie Halmeyer, Chembo Cornier, Greg Jones and other talented musicians. Mike Arroyo offers lectures and workshops at his Mike Arroyo Academy of Music (Musiclab) in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. His music career continues to grow receiving critical acclaim from the mainstream media in Puerto Rico, and is known as the leading exponent of the sacred jazz genre on the island. To God be the Glory!

By Dr. Jorge L. Pastrana